About Vintage8.ca film conversion services

Vintage 8 INC (formerly 2DVD) is a family owned, run, and operated Canadian business who has been a pioneer in 8mm film conversion and Super 8 film transfers. We have been serving Canada Nationwide with film conversations since 2001. Our custom Telecine transfers are now in full HD!

Although converting to DVD is still an option, we are finding that most of our retail clients, and all of our wholesale clients have made the switch to receiving the conversion in a digital HD MP4 file. With that evolution our name has also evolved. We are now Vintage 8 Inc.

We take the same care, produce the same high quality files from your home movies, and offer the same great service our customers have come to expect.

Please Contact Us today, to discuss your film conversion needs!

We know how precious your film is to you.

This is why we take care of your film, as if it was our own


In the past you would need to select a multitude of options for converting your film. Today, as the demand for DVD has wained, we now offer simple film transfers to HD/MP4 files or MOV files only. You can then create your own DVD from the optimized footage, or play it directly on your smartTV, computer, media player, tablet or phone.


Thank you to all our retail clients that have recommended Vintage8.ca for film to digital conversions since 2001. If you are a retail location, or currently sell to the public by other means, we encourage you to discuss having Vintage8.ca do your bulk film transfers. Please e-mail wholesale@vintage8.ca to chat!