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Our technology and process provides for a true digital capture of your film in High Definition(2K) best suited for today’s HD-large screen TV’s. The price to convert 8mm / Super8 / 16mm film to a unique DIGITAL FILE (one per reel) is based on a reel size – you only pay for the feet contained on the reel to our closest increment.

With Archival Grade process we provide full clean up of the footage adjusting for contrast, light and grain to High Definition MPEG4 files.

Turn around time is 10 – 15 business days and once complete we will contact you to coordinate pick-up or shipping return.

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16 mm Film Conversion Pricing

Reel Diameter Run-Time Digitized Size Formats Available Sound Available Price
50′ 3″/7.6cm 1.5 Min Approx .5 GB MP4 / MOV X $15.00ea
100′ 4″/10.1cm 3 Min Approx 1 GB MP4 / MOV X $22.00ea
200′ 5″/12.7cm 6 Min Approx 2 GB MP4 / MOV X $38.00ea
300′ 6″/15cm 9 Min Approx 3 GB MP4 / MOV X $49.00ea
600′ 8″/20.3cm 18 Min Approx 6 GB MP4 / MOV X $75.00ea
800′ 10.5″/26.6cm 24 Min Approx 8 GB MP4 / MOV X $105.00ea
1200′ 12″/31cm 36 Min Approx 12 GB MP4 / MOV X $135.00ea

All film orders are subject to a “Film Conversion Fee” of $29. This is for editing and clean up of digital film files plus mounting, transferring and verifying transfer integrity of film to your supplied blank media. This is a Per Order charge, not per film.