Our ProcessVadhel G


The first thing we do when we receive your film, is we go through all the reels, and confirm sizing, make sure none are too deteriorated to transfer, and confirm that what we received, is what you sent.


We create an invoice/estimate, and send it to you for approval.


Upon approval, your order is added to the queue to be transferred in order that we have received it. From time to time, your order may be bumped down the line for an “urgent” transfer. These are usually reserved for orders that are very time sensitive due to illness or death. We give these orders our highest priority…and hope you understand.


Our transfer process begins with running your film through our commercial telecine machines. We don’t shoot-to-wall. Our machines use LED optical illumination directly into a prismatic Full HD High Resolution CMOS sensor. The recording also has on-chip noise reduction that brings unsurpassed brightness and clarity to the transfer. Our film transfer is done real time, not frame by frame. We believe this is superior, as a frame by frame transfer uses digital blending to make up the frames in 1 second of footage, because it has to go from 18 or 24 frames per second, to 29.97. Allowing our high end cameras to do this work, creates a smoother final product, with less interleave blur.


After the film is transferred, we then use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit out any breaks, the front and back leaders, and crop and clean edges while doing modest colour correction at the same time.


Your film is then output in it’s original HD quality to MP4 files onto a thumb drive for you to keep.

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